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Why You Should Encourage Your Parents to Move to Independent Living

Posted by Frank Herold on November 15, 2016

Independent LivingFor many seniors, independent living means remaining in their own homes as long as possible. To many people, retirement communities or assisted living communities conjure up images of a bland home where they have limited activities and lackluster dining and accommodations.

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Fortunately, that stereotype is no longer accurate for many independent living and retirement communities. When looking for places to retire, vibrant communities such as Jacaranda Trace are ideal independent living communities.

When Is The Right Time To Make The Move?
Still, many seniors are resistant to making the move away from their homes and neighborhoods. In some cases, it may make sense to continue living at home. This is the case if the senior is in a supportive, safe environment, has easy access to shopping, medical care and other facilities, has plenty of nearby social support and has family nearby. Being in good physical and mental health is also important.

Often, though, seniors may live far from family. Neighborhoods change over time, as friends move or pass away. Mobility issues or the inability to drive can make shopping, dining, and entertainment difficult. Even if they have a home care aid around to help, this is no substitute for an active social support system of peers.

In addition to issues of physical health and safety, it is important to look at mental health as well. It is scientifically proven that seniors who have active social lives, who participate in enrichment activities and who continue to learn new skills are less likely to suffer from depression, cognitive decline and even physical illness. This is possibly the number one reason to move to an independent living retirement community.

Having The Talk
This isn't always easy, but it is important to present the benefits. Safety and security may be important to some, and to others, the idea of an active community is attractive. It is important to stress the independent living aspect of moving. Knowing that there is actually increased freedom in a retirement community is a major draw.

No matter what the reasons for choosing a senior living community, Jacaranda Trace is there to exceed expectations and make life fuller, richer and more independent for its residents. Contact us today for more information!

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