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Why Look for Communities Designed for Memory Care?

Posted by Frank Herold on November 2, 2020

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If you have a parent or a loved one who is suffering from Alzheimer's or dementia you may reach a point when you need to find care outside of the home. This is always a hard decision, but many times it is the best decision for everyone. Still, how can you decide which home or community is right for your loved one when there are so many options?

We want to address the importance of communities designed specifically for memory care, as opposed to regular nursing homes or retirement communities.

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What are Communities Designed for Memory Care?

You might be wondering what makes a memory care community any different than a typical nursing home or retirement community. That is a very good question to ask because the answer is quite remarkable. According to an article from A Place for Mom, John Zeisel, the president and co-founder of Hearthstone Alzheimer Care, explains that,

"While medication can slow the progression of Alzheimer's-related symptoms, another equally effective treatment is the environment itself."

So when you choose a home for your loved one that is designed for memory care residents, the very design of the environment is meant to help decrease their symptoms. For example, the layout of memory care communities are meant to feel more like homes. Imagine bedrooms that surround a community kitchen.

Another important thing in memory care is to provide autonomy while still having security. One common Alzheimer's symptom is wandering, which happens when someone feels lost. So by providing a close community, the result is fewer instances of wandering.

And while there is security, in a memory care facility the security is often discreet so that people don't feel trapped.

Benefits of Memory Care Communities

Memory care facilities hire staff specializing in memory care or educate their staff to understand and appreciate all that memory care is. That means giving people plenty of opportunities to be social if they want and creating a community feeling by celebrating birthdays and holidays together. Staff takes care of residents while allowing them to have the freedom to continue living their lives as autonomously as possible.

Another benefit of a memory care community is that they are enclosed to make sure that everyone stays safe, but they are designed in a way that residents don't feel imprisoned.

A memory care facility takes residents to doctor's appointments off-site, customizes meals for those with special dietary needs, and takes care of regular housekeeping and laundry. And besides all this, memory care facilities provide special amenities for those with memory loss symptoms.

Jacaranda Trace and Cadbury Park Memory Care

At Jacaranda Trace we are one of the most sought after, luxury retirement communities in Venice, Florida. But we also know that some members of our community will need memory care at some point. And some people seek out our community solely for our excellent memory care community.

Our community is securely designed in a family setting with specialized staff. We offer family-style meals and specialty clubs that help our residents feel autonomous and give them purpose. Because Cadbury Park is connected to Jacaranda Trace, residents also have access to the amenities in Jacaranda Trace, all while being in a secure environment at Cadbury Park.

We also offer full spa and beauty services so that residents can maintain a sense of normalcy and even pamper themselves with massages, light facials, and manicure and pedicure services.

If you have a loved one that needs memory care, please contact us at Jacaranda Trace to learn more about our memory care community. We believe, and have seen first hand, how the environment is an essential part of caring for someone with Alzheimer's or dementia and we want your loved ones to have the care they deserve.

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