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Why Facebook is Great for Retired Grandparents

Posted by Frank Herold on June 28, 2016

grandmaoncomputer.jpegFacebook can be used for multiple purposes from creative sharing to marketing. Although the popularity of social media in general is associated with young people, seniors may find it more useful than they imagined. They can connect with old friends and loved ones, to stay updated on their health and happiness. Here are more details about the benefits of Facebook for grandparents. 

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Puzzles and Games
One of the best reasons Facebook may appeal to seniors in an independent living community is that there are always fun online activities such as games and puzzles to explore with friends. You can form a special group of players to create tournaments in your facility. In other words, there are plenty of opportunities to create fun competitions within your community.

Staying In Touch
Facebook for grandparents is very valuable at organizing your list of friends. In many ways social media has replaced the rolodex and provides even quicker access for contacting people. Establishing a friends list is just a start. From there you can form special groups to focus on shared interests.

Reaching Out
Independent living is an option for retired people that allows them to have more control over their time and lifestyle. Facebook for grandparents is useful to set up appointments with professionals as well as connect with friends from various retirement communities. It's an excellent replacement for postage stamps when it comes time for sending out holiday messages.

Sharing Your Life
Another powerful characteristic of Facebook for grandparents is that it allows you to share your daily life story. Your family and closest friends will be able to check up on you whenever they like and view your posts and images. Facebook for grandparents is also an excellent way to organize photos for a family album or reunions.
In some ways posting messages on Facebook is like writing notes about your life story. It allows you to work on your craft of writing in case you decide to create a family scrapbook or your own personal memoirs.

Maintaining Privacy
The great thing about Facebook for grandparents is it allows you to choose who can and cannot view your posts. Each friend on your list can be configured specifically as to whether or not they can comment on your posts. You can either let the whole public see your posts or only allow selected friends see and interact with your posts.

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