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Vision of Senior Care: Our Youth and Technology Make A Great Team

Posted by Frank Herold on January 2, 2019

Senior CareAccording to USC-Leonard Davis in the Department of Gerontology, the population of our seniors over 65 years of age is increasing at a fast rate. By 2060, our seniors will reportedly make up over a quarter of the total population. As the author reported, it is time to promote and recruit students to work in a field dedicated to Gerontology. Also noted, companies dedicated to "developing new technologies to meet the needs of an aging population will see increasing demand for their products."

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Many seniors now, and most seniors of the future will find it normal to see robotic technology at work helping to alleviate the shortage of healthcare workers. Information technology has already spawned companies to match caregivers with people needing in-home assistance and care. Smart sensor technology is just beginning to be introduced allowing seniors to remain in their "smart" homes.

Replacement of the human element will never happen. There will be roles requiring the human touch in caring for our aging population. Technology is great, but human interaction is irreplaceable. What generation loves technology more than our youth?!

How the Young and the Old Can Take Care of One Another

Intergenerational programs are beginning to evolve to not only offer seniors a better quality of life but also to help our youth learn and grow. Learn more about this innovative ideology as found on Forbes. "Intergenerational Programs: Not Just Nice, But Necessary" (2016, September 26) reviews how an intergenerational program will have a positive trickle-down effect if properly implemented. While older adults benefit from interacting with our youth, youth will also benefit from the wisdom and guidance of our seniors.

Youth interacting with seniors not only alleviates "social or economic isolation" our youth can offer fun, technology education. On the other hand, utilizing our "older adults as resources" will help with the many challenges our youth are facing.

Learn about the daycare in an assisted living facility, where children have surrogate grandparents who offer love and support while their parents are hard at work. Read how AARP Experience Corps has helped improve reading efficiencies in impoverished neighborhoods. What a dynamic idea to use seniors to help couples who adopt children from the foster system. Seniors offer help with tutoring, childcare, and house cleaning to help the transition the families need to blend.

By using our seniors, an "underutilized resource," as an opportunity to help care for our youth, we also help our seniors live happier and more fulfilled lives. As each generation of our youth ages, we will have raised them to be happier and successful adults. Ultimately, we are building a better world for our aging population.

Another organization has creatively incorporated its Intergenerational Volunteer Program. VISIONS, services for the blind and visually impaired located in New York City, prepares high school students to help their blind seniors in their homes as well as in their VISIONS' facility. The students help with many meaningful activities such as reading, escorting and more. While learning to take care of others, teens learn the value of compassionate care. Not only do they learn to help a senior in need, but they also find someone who is willing to offer a listening ear. A win-win program for sure.

A Wonderful Place to Call Home in Venice, Florida

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