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Top 3 Travel Destinations for Seniors

Posted by Frank Herold on December 19, 2018

seniors travelingOne of the best parts about being a senior is the freedom to travel. When you are freed up from many of your responsibilities and your hard work has paid off, you have the chance to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Here at Jacaranda Trace, we think Venice Beach itself is one of the best travel destinations there is. But if you're already living in Venice Beach and looking for a getaway, we wanted to fill you in on our 3 favorite travel destinations for seniors.

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Alaskan Cruise

Alaska isn't always the first destination people think about when it comes to cruises. But cruises are actually an incredible way to see Alaska since it is so expansive and there are many places in this beautiful state that you may want to visit in one trip.

Cruises are also ideal for seniors because there is always as much or as little activity as you want. Get off the cruise liner to hike some of the jaw-dropping peaks, participate in excursions that provide you with chances to see the wildlife, or enjoy the scenery from the comfort of the ship.

An Alaskan cruise is actually to number one vacation for seniors according to tripdiscover.com. Plus, you don't need to worry about getting a passport but still get to experience an exotic location.

Nevis, Caribbean

The Caribbean is a popular destination because it is easy to get to and there are so many islands to explore. But Nevis is our favorite for seniors because it is quieter and more laid back. Nevis isn't full of casinos and clubs like some of the other Caribbean islands, and you won't have loud music keeping you up all hours of the night.

The island is full of greenery and the beaches aren't crowded so you can enjoy those peaceful days in the sun you dream about, listening to the waves lap onto the shore. Guided islands tours, bicycle tours, snorkeling, and visiting the Nevis Botanical Gardens are all favorite activities according to Expedia. Beautiful golf courses and a number of historical sites mean that between the beach and the attractions there is something for everyone here.

Douro River Cruise, Portugal and Spain

Vacationers have been loving cruises for decades but river cruises are the hot new way to take a vacation. They offer the same benefits of a regular cruise while taking you inland into some of the most amazing places on earth. The Douro River Cruises are no exception.

However, this river cruise isn't over-crowded like so many routes are becoming. You can float the river all day without seeing another boat. When you dock, explore baroque mansions, picturesque castles, and monasteries that will take you back in time.

According to rivercruiseadvisor.com, a Douro River Cruise is unique because you get a taste for both Portuguese and Spanish culture (and food and wine!) Also, they say the people of Portugal are some of the friendliest people in Europe so you will feel right at home as you explore this historically significant and captivating river valley.

Where Will You Go Next?

If you're a senior pondering your next vacation, hopefully this blog post sparked some ideas for you. Maybe a cruise in Alaska, lounging on the beach in Nevis, or meandering down the Douro River in Portugal is just the getaway you need. If you are looking for a place to live that feels like a vacation, make sure to check out our community here at Jacaranda Place. Venice Beach is indeed a destination for many but it could be home for you. Enjoy the sun, the beach, and the fantastic community in Venice Beach in this upscale retirement community.

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