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Tips for Seniors in Florida: Phone vs Email vs Social Media to Stay in Touch with Family and Friends

Posted by Frank Herold on June 30, 2016

grandmaoncomputer.jpegIf you've retired to a Florida independent living community you are no doubt enjoying a relaxed yet satisfying retirement filled with friends, activities, recreation and down time. This is wonderful, but you may be living miles away from family, and sometimes it's hard to know the best ways to stay in touch. 

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Living In A Digital Age
Today, many people take advantage of technology to stay in touch with family. Although a majority of Americans own a smartphone, it seems that the phone is used for just about everything other than talking. While your first inclination when it comes to reaching out to family may be the telephone, there are other options.

Email is a quick, easy and instantaneous way to write a letter and stay in touch with family. Of course, it's typed and not handwritten, but email is generally easy to manage and gets to its destination right away. Photos can be sent and received, and you can even print emails out if you want to save them. Email helps you stay in touch with family and also allows you to send mail to multiple members at once.

Social Media
For many, Facebook is the preferred social media channel used to keep in touch with family. If you've been reluctant to use social media, now may be a great time to dive in. You have the option to choose your privacy settings, and Facebook will walk you through the process. You can view pictures and videos, chat and private message family members. It's an easy way to keep tabs on your loved ones, and share in their daily lives when you are far away.

No matter which avenue you choose, there are solutions for helping you stay in touch with family such as kids, grandkids and more.

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