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The Perfect Community for Independent Living In Venice, FL

Posted by Frank Herold on February 21, 2018

independent living in venice floridaWhen it comes to moving to a retirement community, especially if you are seeking an independent living situation, it is important to pick a community you could see yourself living in. And in this sense, community is both the retirement community itself, and the surrounding community which it is a part of.

At Jacaranda Trace, we are a luxury independent living community in Venice, Florida. And we pride ourselves in both the community we have created here at Jacaranda Trace and the community at large that we are a part of here in Venice.

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What's to Love About the Jacaranda Trace Community?

  1. Cadbury Commons: As much as we love Venice, we also want to make sure residents have plenty to do and experience within our own community at Jacaranda Trace. That is why we have included so many high-end amenities in the Cadbury Commons. This clubhouse has three restaurants, an arts and crafts room, a movie room, a heated pool, a fitness center, a salon and spa, billiards, and access to the campus internist.
  2. Emphasis on Health: There are so many ways Jacaranda Trace emphasizes a healthy lifestyle in our infrastructure. The fitness center offers group fitness classes and a personal trainer so you can participate in workouts that are safe for your needs and abilities. We also have paths throughout our 33 acres for residents to take a brisk walk or a casual stroll at any time of day.
  3. Opportunities for Learning: At Jacaranda Trace, we believe you are never done learning. Our enrichment center offers educational classes, motivational speakers, and support groups. Not to mention, you can always grab a book at our campus library to lose yourself in an interesting novel or learn about a topic you always wanted to know more about.

What's to Love About the Venice Community

  1. Beaches: Many people retire to Florida for the warm weather and to retire to a beach community. In Venice, you have access to 14 miles of beautiful beaches. Take a day trip with a few friends to the beach to spread your toes in the warm sand, read a book, and maybe step into the water. Use this site from Visit Florida to explore your beach options near Jacaranda Trace.
  2. Waterfront Restaurants: Don't feel like eating at Jacaranda Trace or making your own meal? Venice has many amazing restaurants with waterfront views. What could be more ideal than eating a catfish dinner on the pier or drinking cocktails with your loved one while listening to the waves crash into the shore? Venice Magazine has compiled these 17 waterfront restaurants in Venice for you to check out.
  3. Art Galleries: If you enjoy passing the time in art galleries, looking at both local and international art, Venice is the ideal place to be. There are a number of galleries and the Venice Art Center that offers art classes, ever-changing exhibits, and regular special events.

Join Our Community

If you are looking for independent living in a community of your peers, Jacaranda Trace is calling your name. We couldn't have a better community here—with all of the amenities you could possibly need. And we are a part of one of the most beautiful cities in the nation and one of the most sought after locations to retire to. If you want to hear more about living at Jacaranda Trace, contact us today for more information. 

Jacaranda Trace

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