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Technology That Can Enhance The Lives of Seniors

Posted by Frank Herold on May 2, 2018

Technology for Seniors

Modern science has made so much advancement that many of the devices on the market today are almost unbelievable. And although it does take some time to research, assemble, and learn to use technological devices, there are many that can make life so much easier that they're definitely worth all the effort. Consider a few that might be helpful to you or your loved one.

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It's like having a computer with you everywhere you go. You can easily store contact names, phone numbers, and emails. You can also make a record of appointments and 'to-do' tasks and receive reminders. Maps provide audible directions whether you're walking, driving, or using public transportation. You can also audio record or type notes for yourself to retrieve later. Apps also allow you to view medical information and contact doctors.

Medication dispensing systems

Whether it is one medication twice a day or a variety of other combinations, it can be hard to safely keep tabs on things day after day. Devices like Tabsafe can remind you when it's time to take your medication, dispense it for you, and record your activity so you can check before inadvertently doubling or skipping a dose. Tabsafe works with up to 13 medications daily and it keeps inventory.

Activity trackers

These wearables are helping millions of people, including seniors, stay active. Fitbit and other brands have devices that can count daily steps, tell you how many calories you've burned exercising, monitor your heart rate and more.


Designed with seniors in mind, the Telikin is easy to set up and use. This touchscreen computer allows you to send emails, video chat, share photos, maintain calendars and contacts, and use other basic programs.


In a world where people squabble over the volume of the television, TVEars can keep  everyone happy. It's a lightweight, wireless headset that allows you to set the volume and tone comfortable for you while other viewers control the sound on the TV itself. The foam ear tips also reduce room noise.

Anti-scald attachments

This might not be exactly the type of thing that comes to mind when you consider technology, but it definitely is. Who of us hasn't had one of those rough moments when we step into a shower or put our hand under running faucet water that is just too hot?! Thankfully, there are attachments that will allow you to set a safe maximum temperature limit.

Motion sensor lighting

Most people think of this type of lighting as being made only for the outdoors. But it is very practical to use it indoors. Whether it is bumping into something, stubbing a toe, or stepping on something that is a bit too hard, it would definitely happen much less often if the light came on automatically. In addition to that, having the light turn off automatically upon exiting a room can save a lot on electricity costs.

Amazon Alexa-enabled devices

Alexa is a personal assistant that will never walk out on you or ask for a pay raise. She can keep grocery lists, give medication reminders, save your appointments on a calendar, tell you the news and weather, and so much more. You just speak out loud starting with the word 'Alexa', and make a request such as 'Alexa, tell me the weather in Venice, Florida.’ You can get more information about compatible devices here.

Considering these and other technological devices, you're sure to find at least one that can make your life simpler and possibly safer. Why not enlist the help of one of your family members to help you research and purchase a technological tool that's suitable for you?

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