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Technology That Can Enhance The Lives of Seniors

Posted by Frank Herold on May 4, 2020


If we don't stay on top of the trends, every stride made in modern technology can leave further behind than before. Though it does take some time to research, assemble, and learn to use the newest devices, there are many that can make life your life so much easier and connected. These devices are some of the latest tech trends you should definitely take the time to learn and use.

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Smartphones and Their Applications

Smartphones quickly became a standard part of life for the majority of the world. It's like having a computer in your pocket, with you everywhere you go. The most obvious feature is the ability to make phone calls, but most phones nowadays are able to also take photos, videos, and even do video calls that let you have face-to-face conversations with your friends, family, or doctors wherever you are.

senior citizen using smartphone

But smartphones are so much more than a high-tech way to make phone calls. They allow you to easily store contact names, phone numbers, and emails and can help you keep track of your schedule, record appointments, and remind you to do tasks around the house.

Most phones are now equipped with maps features that provide audible directions whether you're walking, driving, or using public transportation. You can also audio record or type notes for yourself to retrieve later. Apps also allow you to view medical information and contact doctors.


Medication Dispensing and Tracking Systems

Whether it is one medication twice a day or two three times a day—or a variety of other combinations—it can be difficult to safely keep tabs on your day-to-day. Devices like Tabsafe or epill can remind you when it's time to take your medication, dispense it for you, and record your activity so you can check before inadvertently doubling or skipping a dose.

Tabsafe works with up to 13 medications daily and it keeps inventory so you know when to refill and how much you've taken over a period of time. 


Activity Trackers

These wearables come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and are helping millions of people, including seniors, stay active and healthy.

seniors exercise class

Fitbit, Apple Watches, and other wearable tech are devices that can count daily steps, tell you how many calories you've burned exercising, monitor your heart rate, and more. Most also work together with a phone app to show you even more data about your health and daily habits. 

Having something like a Fitbit will help encourage you to stay active and reward you when you do by telling you when you've achieved your step goals. 


Motion Sensor Lighting At Home

Most people think of this type of lighting as being made only for the outdoors as lighting for a patio or in your front yard. But, it is very practical to use it indoors, also.

Whether it is bumping into something, stubbing a toe, or stepping on something that is a bit too hard, it happens a lot but it doesn't have to. Motion sensor lights come on automatically when they sense movement so you don't have to blindly reach for switches or risk tripping over something in the dark of night.

In addition to that, having the light turn off automatically upon exiting a room can save a lot on electricity costs.


How SmartHome Technology Can Help You at Home

Alexa, Google, Ring, and others are brands that provide smart home technology that makes most of the electronics in your home available to you no matter where you are. Whether it's voice-activated lights, TVs, doors, doorbell cameras, thermostats, ceiling fans, fridge, and so much more. They can all be connected onto one network and—along with personal assistants like Google Home or Alexa—can be controlled through a smartphone app or by your very own voice commands.

alexa in the home of seniors

Even if you don't utilize the entirety of options available for smart homes, having a digital assistant like Google Home or Alexa around the house can help you in many ways such as reminding you of appointments, setting reminders, playing music, and asking anything that pops into your mind.


Considering these and other technological devices, you're sure to find at least one that can make your life simpler and possibly safer when you take the time to learn them.

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