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Tech Gear Hoping to Improve the Quality of Life for Seniors

Posted by Frank Herold on June 6, 2019

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There is no doubt that technology continues to introduce new, fascinating products that make life easier and fun for everyone. Tech gear and software apps are being developed and are here to help seniors in their day-to-day lives.

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Tech Gear to Offer Seniors Day-to-Day Assistance

Senior Planet reviewed some promising tech gear two years ago that may offer benefits to seniors. Let's take a look at these tech items in 2019.

Smart Glasses also known as wearable computer glasses. Although they didn't take off, a research group in Berlin performed a study with seniors, who have "Mild Cognitive Impairment." These glasses were used as a "virtual assistant" to help older adults with reminders such as medication times, appointments, visitor recognition once a person is in view, and GPS directions.

The study concluded that these glasses were well-received. The drawback realized is that "long term support," after initial training, is needed, and the integration of this technology would be best in the seniors' regular glasses. Smart Glasses are available, and Wareable gives a review of the best smart glasses.

It is worth mentioning those smart glasses that are showing positive results in helping people who are blind or visually impaired as found on Digital Trends. Other smart glass products are on the market. The biggest drawback of smart glasses are the prices. Hopefully, these innovative glasses will begin to see decreased pricing to help seniors and the visually impaired population.

Google Maps Research to Offer Additional Mobile Direction

Many people are familiar with the mobile GPS apps that available on smartphones. Google has been working in conjunction with the Georgia Institute of Technology College of Design.

The Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access dedicates time to enabling environment research. One of their projects, ALIGN Project, is researching "the feasibility of a mobile app (ALIGN) to inform outdoor route planning by people aging with ambulatory and visual impairments who are experiencing comorbid functional losses." additional GPS outdoor assistance for seniors with ambulatory and visual impairments."

Research is moving forward with positive results and problems identified. Watch their YouTube for a better visual explanation of how the application will help with outdoor navigation. It may be available on Apple phones.

Tech Manuals for Seniors

Creating a user-friendly manual for seniors to understand new devices is showing positive results. Research has been underway by VA researchers at the VA Palo Alto. Through their Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Center (GRECC), they realized the need to design a manual for the DVD player to assist their veterans. With the help of people sixty and over, they tested their manual with larger font sizes, more realistic and color photos to give better visual direction, and use of "arrows and circles" to better point out "switches and jacks."

An important point of this research is to realize that most manuals are created and reviewed by someone of a younger generation. It makes business sense for manuals be multi-lingual and also multi-age appropriate.

What Technology Is Here for Seniors Today

Smart technology has and will continue to get smarter with the advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) that gives computers the ability to learn, think, and become almost human-like. For seniors, life will become more engaging and interactive right from the comforts of their own home.

Connective and Engaging Technologies for Seniors

Found on Forbes, you can see the technology that seniors can use now to enlighten their lives. As the article relates, seniors may need a little extra time to feel comfortable using new technology. Once they learn how to use tech gear and applications, every day can be a better day.  

  1. One such item designed just for seniors to keep connected is the GrandPad. As the site states, it is a way for seniors to "live grand."
  2. A creative innovation offering families to tell their story with StoryWorth. Such an interactive project for the entire family, both young and old.
  3. How about a new way of entertainment for seniors? MyndRV is quite fascinating with its focus on giving seniors the means to explore beyond their familiar environment.
  4. When adults are not able to be with their aging parents, Aura Frames offer the remote ability to display and change pictures to keep smiles on their faces.

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