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Social Distancing Tips for Seniors in Venice, Florida

Posted by Frank Herold on August 3, 2020

We're all getting used to strategically working through our days to be more cognizant of keeping our distance from others. While it may seem a bit trying at times, it's making certain aspects of everyday living a bit better for everyone.

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If You Can, Stay Home

It may not be what we want to do, but staying home has its benefits. The number one benefit to you is that you're not exposing yourself, or those living with you, to the potential of getting the coronavirus.


Use Your Time to Focus on You

If you're a bit bored, there are things to do to keep yourself occupied. Journaling is a thoughtful way to keep your mind active. If you haven't put down some of your best memories on paper for your loved ones to enjoy, now is the time to put your memory to work in your handwritten memoirs. Maybe you want to add a few quotes that may help your loved ones with their life journeys.


When Essential Errands are a Must

Most of us will need to get out and make a run to the grocery store or an appointment. We have to remember social distancing and disinfecting in mind. Most of all, wear your mask whenever you're in a public place, especially when social distancing is compromised. 


Keep Disinfectant Wipes or Hand Sanitizer in Tow

Whether a small bottle of hand sanitizer or a small pack of disinfectant wipes, be sure you have some to take with you everywhere you go. Disinfecting wipes are perfect for opening up doors for a no-contact entry. If you do have to touch a public door, use your hand sanitizer once you're through it. 


Follow the Arrows and Directions

Most of us are getting used to seeing the big arrows for traffic flow and the lines or circles denoting where to stand when checking out. We all forget, but when you realize you're heading down the wrong way, it's a good idea to correct yourself out of respect to others. Hopefully, we won't be getting tickets for walking against the direction of the arrows. 


Avoid Crowded Areas in Stores and Gathering in Groups

If you see that there is a group of people, without enough room to safely social distance, it's a good idea for you to wait for the crowd to thin out. 


Look More, Touch Less

If at all possible, it's better to avoid touching anything you don't need to pick up. If you do, sanitize your hands, once you're finished with that area. 


A Hand Wave Replaces a Handshake

We're all slowly getting used to not offering up a hand for the greeting that so many of us do automatically. A kind nod of the head with a smile underneath our mask is a pleasant way to be friendly. 


Enjoy the Outdoors with Social Distancing in Mind

When we are able, breathing in fresh air is advantageous to our health. While we're maneuvering around COVID-19, getting outside can help us boost our immune systems, and breathing fresh air can help clean out our lungs. Not to mention, it can be a mood booster. Always remember to social distance when necessary, and have a mask with you in case you have to pass others within the six feet recommendation. 



At Jacaranda Trace, our caring staff and residents are all following the guidelines and taking the extra time to keep our residents and staff as safe as possible to avoid COVID-19 infection and spread. We're in this together, and let's all social distance for the health of one another.


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