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Smart Sensors Offer Dementia Patients A Better Quality of Life

Posted by Frank Herold on December 5, 2018

Dementia Smart SensorsAt Jacaranda Trace, we understand we all age, and we all age differently. Most importantly, we understand that many retired individuals with dementia can retain an independent lifestyle and remain at home. Technology is changing the world we live in, and we're excited to see the benefits that are being developed for everyone in their retirement years.

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Understanding Dementia

A person with dementia (PWD) does not mean he or she cannot live independently. There are multiple types of dementia, and there are different degrees of severity as found on NIH. "What is Dementia?" helps understand the types of dementia to be "frontotemporal disorders, Alzheimer's Disease, Lewy body dementia, and vascular dementia." For many people, their dementia may slowly appear and slowly progress allowing them to live independently for many years.

The biggest dilemma for dementia patients that have the capability of living independently is remembering the daily activities necessary to stay healthy and safe. Technology is making it easier for caregivers to monitor their loved ones when it is not possible to be with them all the time.

Understanding Smart Sensors

We already know and use "regular" sensors, such as refrigerator thermostats, as reported in a great review found on CHIPIN. "4 Ways Smart Sensor Systems Are Expected To Change Our Future Lifestyles" by Tania (2017, January 13) explains that a smart sensor is made up of the same parts of a regular sensor with the addition of a microprocessor that turns it into a "smart" sensor. As reported, health care is one of the areas where smart sensors have already made their introduction as wearable, fitness bands like the Fitbit. Smart sensors are now being integrated into more useful means of patient care.

Realizing Smart Sensors Help Dementia Patients Retain Independence

Life Alert buttons for seniors living on their own were just the beginning of innovative technology to allow the elderly and patients with dementia the ability to retain their independence as long as possible. As found on Medium, "Using IoT to Help Patients with Alzheimer's and Dementia" (2017, November 2), we learn how advanced technology has brought "sensors that track movement and activity in the home." Patients can remain in their homes with smart sensors delivering important information back to physicians and caregivers.

  • Track movement via sensors placed throughout the home.
  • Track eating habits from sensors placed in the refrigerator and cabinets. 
  • Track medication intake with sensors placed on pill bottles. 
  • GPS sensors located in a smartwatch or smart key to alert upon leaving the home.

As reported, a dementia patient's physician is able to review the collected data that may be an alert for  further examination for any possible medical issues. There is more smart home technology giving dementia patients the opportunity to retain independence while offering monitoring for their physicians and caregivers.

Jacaranda Trace Is A Wonderful Place To Call Home

Jacaranda Trace offers an array of wonderful amenities to our residents to live a happy and joyous lifestyle after retirement in a community setting. Health and security are our top priorities, and we have on-site healthcare services for our residents.

We offer beautiful residences for the active retirees with freedom to choose your type of home from our condominium apartments to our freestanding villas. We also offer multiple ways to purchase or lease your home.

Cadbury Park Assisted Living offers residence in need of assistance a wonderful, community setting that aims to keep everyone engaged while offering many special care services.

Come visit our beautiful, 33-acre community, where you will find a wonderful and secure place to call home with great amenities. Enjoy your days filled with activities while making new friends. Your calendar can be as full as you would like. At Jacaranda Trace, it's all about life after retirement with people who care.

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