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Seniors Can Walk the Trails to Better Health in Venice, Florida

Posted by Frank Herold on November 6, 2019

walking the dog in venice florida Walking is a fantastic way to get exercise while enjoying the gorgeous scenery provided by Venice, Florida. From the beaches to the city, there's plenty of places to walk in this gulf coast paradise.
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Walking to Better Health 

Walking is great for everyone at any age. As found on The Caregiver Space, "walking may be the best form of physical exercise for seniors." You can walk as slow or as brisk as your body wants to go. Unlike running, "it's easy on joints, and it has a low risk of injury." Through medical studies, there are defined benefits which research has discovered that is a positive impact on seniors. 

  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Helps with Weight Problems
  • Boosts the Immune System
  • Helps Reduce Elderly Disability
  • Helps Fight Arthritis and Arthritic Pain
  • Adds Years to Life 

The first point is that it is as beneficial as running, and you can add walking easily into your daily routine. The Caregiver Space article points out, if you're going to start a new walking program, start small and build up. If you haven't been a regular walker, but you want to begin, be sure to discuss with your healthcare provider.

It is noted that getting just "25 minutes "of walking into your day, you could possibly add more years onto your life. As found on NICE, "2.5 hours of walking per week" is a good goal for seniors to work towards. Taking brisk walks are even better. 

It is always a good idea to discuss any new exercise routine with your healthcare provider. You may want to review these tips to make sure you're ready to begin building up to a great walking lifestyle. This 6-week beginner program may be a good fit for you, as found on the American Heart Association. And, when it's pouring rain outside, you can still get your walking in on a treadmill, as found on Verywell Fit

Venice's Beautiful Walking Trails

Once you're ready for healthy walking adventures, you have some beautiful places to get those steps counting up in Venice. 

  • Curry Creek Preserve is a place to go for a nice, long walk in the heart of nature and wildlife. It is noted that most people spend about an hour here. After heavy rains, the trails could be flooded. 
  • Historic Downtown Venice is the perfect place to begin building up your walking stamina, where you can enjoy window shopping along the way.
  • Legacy Park has a lot going on, and there is a paved trail to get in your daily walk.
  • Maxine Barritt Park is an ocean-view park with a paved, walking path that goes around the park's pond. You will also enjoy bird watching here. 
  • Shamrock Park and Nature Center is family-friendly, and it has something for everyone. It's a nice place to walk. 

Jacaranda Trace: An Exceptional Place to Live and a Wonderful Place to Walk

If you're ready to live in a community where you don't have to worry about those time-consuming home projects and have more time to enjoy life, we hope you will visit Jacaranda Trace. Located upon 33-acres, you have lots of space to enjoy Florida outdoors. We have trails you will love getting in those brisk walks. For the rainy days, we have everything you need to get that crucial exercise into your day in our fitness center. 

You can be as independent as you like, and enjoy all that Venice has to offer. Find out about our exciting "travel club" that organizes cruises and exciting trips where you will have new places for getting in a daily walk. Whenever you don't feel like venturing far away, there is always something for you right here as you see on our monthly calendar

Located just 20 minutes from Historic Downtown Venice, we invite you to come and walk our peaceful campus. Rain or shine, it is always a great day at Jacaranda Trace. You can relax, stay busy or walk around the grounds as much as you like.

Jacaranda Trace

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