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Safety Products to Help Seniors Maintain an Independent Lifestyle

Posted by Frank Herold on March 21, 2018

Senior Safety ProductsMaintaining your independence during your senior years often means turning to certain products or services that help keep you safe while living alone. Every year, new innovative products are being created to make independent living a simple reality.

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Here are six safety products that you can revolutionize your lifestyle and create a safer environment that offers peace of mind: 

1. Computerized Assistance Systems 

Computerized assistance programs, such as Google Home and Amazon's Echo, are revolutionizing life for seniors. Many people may mistakenly not view the systems as necessary safety products, but in reality, they are indispensable. The system is completely voice activated. The hands-free speaker system lets you can control the lights to prevent falls, turn up or down the thermostat, lock/unlock all the doors and windows in the home, set the security alarm, schedule appointment reminders, program a medication schedule, make phone calls, and send text messages. The systems are amazingly easy to use. You can have a speaker placed in each room of the house and if an accident should occur then you can quickly activate it using only your voice to call for help. 

2. Locked Automatic Pill Dispenser

A locked automatic pill dispenser only dispenses the pre-programmed medication at specific times of the day. This helps prevent you from taking too much medication. It signals when you should take your pills by lights and an alarm. If you should miss your daily dosage, the pill dispenser sends an alert to your caregiver via phone call, email, or text message. Electronic medication reminders help you keep track of when and how much medication to take.

3. Emergency Response System

Emergency response systems have been available for many years but recently just about every cell phone provider and security monitoring system has started to offer their unique versions. Now there is an affordable plan to meet just about everyone's budget. They are ideal because you can instantly press a button to call for help if you fall. The system provides you with much-needed peace of mind if you are living alone.

4. Security Pole

The security pole can be mounted beside your bed, bathtub, toilet, or lounge chair to help you get up and moving. It is a tension mounted pole so you can mount it yourself or have a friend/family member undertake the task. It is relatively easy to assemble and stable. It features hand grips and is cushioned so it doesn't get slippery when touched. You can easily pull yourself up from the bed or use it to safely sit down on the bed.

5. Motion Sensor Light Sockets

If you wake up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water and you feel disoriented, then it can be difficult to locate the light switch. Motion sensor light sockets automatically turn the lights on when they sense you moving around. They are an ideal way to maneuver through a dark house at night. You don't have to remember to turn on or off the lights because the motion sensor does it for you.

6. Stove Alarms

If you forget to turn off the stove top or the oven then a stove/oven alarm is a great way to remember. It will also keep you and your house safe from potential fires.

Small innovations in safety help you live an independent life during your senior years. At Jacaranda Trace, we know how important independence is to you. Please contact us to learn more about our luxury retirement community located in Venice, Florida.

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