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Pets Can Help Us Get Through Tough and Lonely Times

Posted by Frank Herold on December 20, 2021

A pet can bring a lot of joy into our lives, especially for seniors living on their own. When it's tough to get out and socialize with family and friends, a pet will fill your days with companionship, love, and even a reason to get outside and exercise.

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Seniors and Pets Benefit from Time with Each Other

The retirement life for seniors means they’re able to give pets the love and care they need and in return, pets bring lots of joy to seniors

1. Your Days are Never Lonely

Not only will you be giving an animal companionship and love, but you will also receive it just as much as you give. Most animals do better on a routine which can keep you on schedule to get up and get moving when your pet is clamoring for playtime.


2. It's Easier to Get Out and Greet Others

While a dog can be a good reason to get out for a walk, you may find it's easier to meet new friends who love sharing stories about their pets. 

The Exciting Challenges of Pet Training

Teaching your pet to perform tricks or training your pet to do something more meaningful can give you both something to look forward to every day.  You never know when you and your pet can brighten someone else's day too. 

Dogs have many abilities, and one of them is that they love pleasing and taking care of their human companions. You can spend time every day helping your dog learn fun and impressive tricks. You may enjoy teaching your dog to help you pick up things you drop

Besides curling up on your lap, cats love to play interactive games too. You can also spend time with your cat and train them with a few easy tricks


Which Pet is Right for You?

There is evidence to suggest that seniors benefit from the healing powers of pets. Besides the increase of social interaction and physical activity there are intangible benefits too. 

Dogs and cats live very much in the present which can also rub off on people too. With a pet offering hours of endless joy, the worries of tomorrow are not as prevalent. 

While a dog and a cat are the pets most people love to bring into their homes, other pets can also bring joy to a senior's life. When time is limited, some other pet choices do not require as much attention. 

1. Hamsters are Busy, Clean, and Cute

There are reasons hamsters make good pets, especially when you don't have a lot of room. Hamsters will surprise you with their ability to keep their home tidy. If you want to invest in a multi-level home with tube connectors, you will see how a hamster will set up its house. Or, you may enjoy designing and building your hamster's home. The more you construct, the more activity you will get to see. 

2. Birds are Sweet and Chatty

There are small-type birds that make excellent companions for seniors. One bird that loves human interaction is the budgie (parakeet), which enjoys spending time outside its cage, "socializing and playing."

The bond between a human and an animal can be an exceptional experience. With love, patience, and time, an animal can become your best friend and bring joy into your life every day. 

At Jacaranda Trace, we understand how important pets can be in our residents' lives. We welcome you to learn more about all the amenities we offer for an enriching lifestyle.

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