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Nurture Your Health Holistically With These Tips

Posted by Frank Herold on May 30, 2018

nurture your health holisticallyMaintaining a healthy lifestyle is important for all of life's stages. Whether you are 38 or 78, keeping healthy is a daily choice, and it is sometimes a challenge. Often times when we think of good health, we think in terms of our physical well-being. While this is definitely a big part of it, health has many facets of which the physical is only one. Here are three other areas of health that you can nurture for a more fulfilling life:

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Intellectual health

What do we mean by intellectual health? Your brain is a muscle and needs care and exercise just as any other muscle in your body. Working your mind and using your intellect is a stimulating activity that encourages brain activity and, in turn, enhances your mental and intellectual health. Not only does mental stimulation help the brain, but physical exercise does too. According to Healthline, physical exercise boosts your brain's health by releasing endorphins and providing extra oxygen to the brain. So, when you exercise you receive a double benefit. There are other ways also to exercise your mind and increase your health. Here are a few of them:

  • Playing games that present some level of challenge. Word or strategy games are good examples of how to work your brain and have fun at the same time.
  • Creating art is another fabulous way to stimulate your mind. Making something new, whether it's painting or creating a garden, encourages creativity and exercises the brain.
  • Continued learning stretches the mind and is a benefit for intellectual health. According to Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD, "education is the key to slowing brain aging."
  • Learning an instrument is a wonderful and healthful activity for the brain. Research indicates that those individuals who learn to play an instrument actually have greater cognitive abilities and executive function. If you already know how to play an instrument, then continuing this skill will enhance your mental sharpness. If you never learned an instrument, it's never too late to dive in and start learning. Even singing harmony takes focus and mental acuity.

Emotional health

Emotional health refers to your inner satisfaction with who you are, acknowledgment of your accomplishments, and a healthy confidence about what you can do. This doesn't mean that you've never made mistakes or have regrets. In fact, it's healthy to acknowledge these (inwardly, not necessarily to others) and understand that this is a part of being human. A large part of emotional health is having strong connections with others. FamilyDoctor.org lists connecting with others as a means of greater emotional health. Other recommendations include:

  • Keep stress under control through relaxation and exercise.
  • Encourage a positive mindset.
  • Express your true inner feelings to someone you trust.
  • Be balanced in all you do (practice moderation).
  • Pay attention to your own inner feelings and reactions to situations.

Social health

Your social health, in part, relates to your emotional and intellectual health. If you maintain a healthy social life surrounded by friends and loved ones, you will experience emotional health. In addition, chances are you will be stimulating your mind when you interact with friends. Some activities that encourage social health are:

  • Inviting friends over for a meal.
  • Hosting a party for any reason.
  • Planning an outing with several friends and acquaintances.
  • Attending social gatherings alone or with others.

Taking care of your health throughout life is a priority to thrive and flourish. At Jacaranda Trace, we recognize the importance of a holistic healthy lifestyle. We provide many opportunities for our residents to explore life and nourish their health. Connect with us for more tips to a healthy and happy future.

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