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Maintain Your Lifestyle when moving to an Independent Living community

Posted by Frank Herold on March 6, 2019

independent livingIn a retirement community like Jacaranda Trace, senior residents enjoy around the clock access to personal care amenities, wellness services, and entertainment, all designed specifically for older adults. The great variety of social and engagement opportunities are here so that you don't just maintain your lifestyle, but enhance it.

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Continue reading for some of the most compelling reasons why you should consider a move to a retirement community in Venice, Florida:

Front-door Access to Physical Activity and Fitness
For most people, staying in shape is a key factor in answering the question of how to maintain your lifestyle. Our assisted living community offers the latest in gym and exercise equipment, group exercise classes to motivate you to engage and get fit, and even personal trainers to help you focus on specific areas.

Keep Your Mind Fit with Intellectual Stimulation
The brain needs exercise just as much as the body. Maintain your lifestyle by taking advantage of a lifelong learning mantra. Sign up for an on-site book club or take up watercolor painting in an art class. Enjoy a few laughs and let your competitive side out for a romp with a strategic board game in the game room.

Learn with a Guest Speaker
At Jacaranda Trace, we believe that a part of helping you to maintain your lifestyle is in offering every opportunity to learn something new, or see things from a different perspective. That's why our calendar of events is always full with guest speakers from within the community and traveling from across the world.

The Best in Nutrition
It can be difficult to supervise a full and nutritious meal no matter what age you are. And yet, a part of how you maintain your lifestyle depends on a complete and balanced meal. When a senior lives alone, it can often be unappealing to cook a satisfying and full meal for just one, and it can be even more challenging for family members to constantly be worrying about monitoring their loved ones meals to ensure they're receiving the correct nutrients on a daily basis. At an assisted living community like Jacaranda Trace, seniors such as yourself are invited to maintain your current lifestyle as well as enjoy good food via our variety of dining venues all offering the nutritious meals you and your body crave. Our dining options include a Bistro Casual for lunch dining, a Veranda formal dining room, and much more. With multiple dining options available, you can choose whether you'd like to cook your own meals, have our chefs prepare your food for you, or do a little of both!

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