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Jacaranda Trace Staff and Residents Join Together Amidst Crisis

Posted by Susan Cairo on April 23, 2020

Amid all the critical and negative news coming out of COVID-19 quarantine, a surprising bright note of camaraderie is happening at Jacaranda Trace. The way staff and residents have come together during the crises demonstrates that there is hope in every situation.

No matter how hard you prepare for any disaster whether it is a hurricane, or a pandemic, you can never know how things will work out until it is upon you.

When Governor Ron DeSantis issued the emergency order regarding visitation to Florida’s Senior Care facilities, Jacaranda Trace and Cadbury Park shut its doors.

But what really happens to elderly residents when they no longer can see their family and friends?  What happens when they no longer feel safe leaving their environment? They depend on the staff to keep them safe, occupied, and up to date on everything that is going on.  

At Jacaranda Trace, each resident is given a daily update on the health of other residents and staff members. This information is distributed in memos and put on the website for family member peace of mind.   When entering the building, the temperature of each employee is taken. Medical and Security staff is vigilant in questioning staff members about their movements and interaction with others. Temperatures are taken weekly on all residents and more often if they are not feeling well.

The kitchen staff pulled together by preparing meals for both lunch and dinner with to-go delivery free to each unit. Activity staff has done an excellent job of creating on-line activities including lectures, trivia games, contests with prizes. Use of technology has allowed residents to visit their family with Zoom and FaceTime. A program to teach the residents the websites and links or online classes was created and a whole new world of technology has opened up to them during this quarantine.

To keep spirits high we held a joke contest, and we've got some pretty funny residents! Congratulations to our winners!

Housekeeping staff are vigilant in keeping elevators, stairs, exercise equipment and all aspects of the community clean.  Staff diligently sanitize every part of the community many times during the day.  

Residents have pulled together by making masks for both the staff and fellow residents.  Also, by sharing their knowledge of technology.  Manned with a social distancing and home-made masks residents are able to play games and communicating with each other.

Loneliness and depression can become a major problem with isolation in a situation like this, but with the help of a highly trained and motivated staff that truly care for the people they work with this is one threat of the COVID-19 crisis that has been overcome.

Feeling safe and keeping strong is the main goal of our community. 

No one knows when the situation will end, but everyone including all of the residents and staff can be commended for their ability to quickly adapt to the daily changes in what is happening in the world outside.

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