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How to Get Exercise Through Everyday Activities

Posted by Frank Herold on February 23, 2016

Exercise Through Everyday ActivitiesIn your retirement years, getting enough exercise is more important than ever. This is because exercise can delay or even reverse some signs of aging. It also makes you feel invigorated, allowing you to have more energy to do the things you've always wanted to do, now that you already have the time.

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Though you may no longer be able to lift heavy weights or run long distances, you can still squeeze in some exercise through everyday activities. Here are some of your options:

Working in the garden
This activity if you have a green thumb. Planting seeds, transferring plants, watering flowers, removing weeds: These all take a lot of movement, which translates to a good amount of exercise.
Climbing the stairs
Skip the elevator and opt to take a few flights of stairs. Not only is this environment-friendly, but it's also excellent for your cardiovascular health. Start with just one or two flights then work your way up.

Carry groceries
Cartons of milk, trays of eggs, bottles of juice have considerable weight, so you don't have to hit the gym for some light resistance training. You'll get that when you carry your groceries around instead of putting them in a cart to transport them into your home.

Playing with your grandchildren
Kids are a bundle of energy, and you'll have to exert some of it to be able to keep up. You can push them on the swing, carry them on your shoulders, or play tag with them. You'll definitely end up with a good workout.

Perform some household chores
Vacuuming the floor, washing the dishes, doing the laundry and other domestic tasks will make you move up and about around the house. You'll be getting the exercise you need in an afternoon of hard work.

Walking your pets
Dogs are the best animals for this activity. When you walk your dogs, you'll also be walking alongside them, so you're also getting a good workout in the process. You can also play catch with your dog for a more intense exercise.

If you have medical conditions, consult with your doctor first before starting an exercise regimen. But once you're in the clear, it's time to get physical!

At Jacaranda Trace, we encourage our residents to get adequate exercise. Our facilities and activities reflect that support. Contact us now to learn more about our community.

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