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How Seniors Can Utilize Smart Home Devices and Assistants

Posted by Frank Herold on June 21, 2021

Smart home technology is increasingly becoming popular as people realize their convenience. You can now find entire lines of smart home devices that make menial errands easier than ever. These AI devices can do many things, from starting a car to providing you with the weather report.  

These systems make life safer and easier and more automated in many different ways.

Seven Ways to Use Smart Home Devices for Seniors

1.Talk to Your Loved Ones

Video calls are now an order of the day, and smart virtual assistants for seniors make them even easier. You won't have to push buttons or navigate menus to stay in touch with your favorite people. 

You just need to say the smart device trigger phrase and the name of who you want to speak to, and it will create a connection on the spot. For example, you say 'Alexa,' the trigger phrase for Amazon's Alexa-compatible devices, then, -'Call John.'

2. Read a Book

The risk for vision impairment increases with age, but that does not mean you cannot keep up with your favorite authors. Thanks to smart assistants such as Alexa, you can read anything provided it supports text-to-speech technology. 

Furthermore, more audiobooks are now available via services such as Audible, and a simple voice command is all you need to start enjoying a new book.

3. Play Your Favorite Songs

Smart homes for seniors are not short of fun and entertainment. If you are in the mood for some cool music, you can request Alexa to play specific albums, artists, and genres. 

For example, 'Alexa, play A Bushel and a Peck'. Additionally, it has all the other commands to give you control and make your experience fun. For example, you can repeat the song, turn the volume up or done, pause, stop the music, and more.  

4. Schedule Reminders

An ordinary day for a senior has several little but important tasks. These could be taking medicine, checking blood sugar, or even meeting a friend at exactly 3 p.m. 

Smart virtual assistants for seniors ensure that none of these tasks gets passed over by reminding them what they need to do and at the right time.

5. Provide Advanced Security to your Home

Smart assistants are compatible with devices that you install on your windows and doors. They will lock, unlock and alert you of any events. 

In fact, some smart home devices can establish a live coverage of a person at your front door and allow you to talk with them from a remote location, provided there is an internet connection.

6. Order a Meal

You no longer have to cook three meals a day forever. Many people like taking a break from cooking after some time. Smart home for seniors allows ordering for a meal from the comfort of their living room. 

There are many national chains with apps compatible with smart assistant devices. You only need a simple voice command like 'Alexa, order me Shrimp and Pasta,' and you will have ordered your dinner.

7. Turn on Lights

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that falls are the leading cause of injury among American seniors. One of the most effective ways to avoid falls is to ensure proper lighting. You can connect overhead lights or a lamp to smart home devices, and a command to Alexa will be enough to turn on your bedroom lights when you want to move.

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