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How An Independent Living Community Can Help You Avoid Isolation

Posted by Frank Herold on July 5, 2017

Independent Living CommunityWhen people isolate themselves from social situations or feel isolated by their peers, it affects mental health and can negatively impact quality of life. Issues of isolation are common amongst retirees and it is a significant factor for people deciding on their retirement futures.

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Below are 5 ways that an independent living community has the ability to assist your loved one in avoiding isolation:

1. Restoring Confidence

When our older family members feel like they are unable to perform tasks that they used to, or remember things like they used to, they can become unhappy or pessimistic. An independent living community offers a variety of classes, activities, and social interaction that will prevent this.

2. Friends Become Family

In retirement communities, residents become family. There is no better place to meet people with plenty of memories to share and stories to tell. Why not do it over a cup of coffee by the water or while going on a walk in Florida’s beautiful sunshine?

3. Interaction Is Consistently Encouraged

Retirement communities offer many activities that will help interaction on every level. Some retirees no longer drive, so communities will offer available transportation to encourage residents to get out and explore, safely giving you the independence and freedom you’re looking for.

4. Overall Health Is Monitored And Cared For

Individuals with undiagnosed health issues or untreated ailments, will often avoid social interaction. When people can no longer communicate the way they use to or are unable to interact with friends the way they once did, they sometimes feel alienated by their social circles. Retirement communities will take a proactive approach when it comes to resident health - leaving you or your loved one feeling welcomed and happy.

5. There Are Always Opportunities For Growth

There is no better time to learn something new. Retirement communities offer creative groups and educational classes that you can fully be involved in. Learning a new hobby with other residents who share your interests, helps in staying mentally sharp and socially active.

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