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Hobbies for Seniors with Limited Mobility in Venice, FL

Posted by Frank Herold on October 4, 2021


A hobby is anything that you like to do regularly for enjoyment. Some seniors may have hobbies that include quite a bit of physical activity, such as jogging, playing tennis or swimming. For other seniors, limited mobility may keep them from certain hobbies, but there are plenty more that almost anyone can enjoy. Sometimes, all it takes is dedication and determination to find a hobby that will bring daily or weekly enjoyment into your life.

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Spend Time Reading, Indoors or Outdoors

Reading is one way to keep your mind at work and find a comfortable place to get away. Many people enjoy participating in a book club to have time to share reviews and thoughts on every book. If you're an avid reader, you may want to start your own book review hobby. But, it’s really as simple as finding a story you love and finding a place to enjoy it.

reading outside

Learn a New Skill to Lead to a New Hobby

There are a lot of skills that do not require a lot of physical activity. Learning a craft such as crocheting, painting, or sewing can be a great way to spend time making gifts for family and friends. Maybe you want to gather a few friends and start a quilting bee

Play Cards or Games with a Group of Friends or Online

Many seniors gather around tables to play all sorts of card games and board games. There are even seniors who love playing games online, such as Mahjong or Scrabble.

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Tackle the Most Challenging Puzzles

Like reading, you can enjoy hours working on a puzzle. Grab a fun snack, turn on your favorite music, and get ready to cheer every time you snap in another piece. 

doing a puzzle

Journaling or Scrapbooking to Leave a Wonderful Treasure for Family

We all have memories we want to share with our family. Journaling can become a daily hobby to fill a book with stories your loved ones will love and hand down for ages. Scrapbooking is another way to leave pictures with the story behind it for your family to enjoy forever. If you're not sure how to start, the Scrapbooking Coach has some helpful ideas.

Go to the Movies

Heading to a midweek matinee can be a weekly hobby you enjoy with a few friends. Don't forget to add a review in your journaling. You may help one of your family members find a great movie, in the years to come. Get started with some help from AARP. 

Make Exercise and Fitness a Hobby for Healthy Benefits

Exercising at any age is an integral part of life. As HelpGuide states, "no matter your age, it's never too late to get fit." Even with limited mobility, there are ways to stay active for the physical and mental benefits. Also, it's a myth that a person who is disabled cannot exercise. While "chair-bound people face special challenges," there are numerous ways to "improve muscle tone and flexibility, and promote cardiovascular health." You can enjoy lifting weights, getting in some beneficial stretches, and learning how to do chair aerobics, yoga, or tai chi.

Spend Time Outdoors at Venice Beach or Parks with the Right Wheels

For many people in Florida, heading to the beach is a regular hobby. Venice Beach is one of the Florida beaches that makes it possible for everyone to enjoy the gulf waters. On YOOCAN Do Anything, you find out how to get a beach wheelchair that have the big wheels for easy sand mobility. 

Besides Venice Beach, there are Venice parks with wheelchair accessibility. Top5Reviewed.com offers a review of the different wheelchairs and the difference between beach wheelchairs versus all-terrain wheelchairs. 

If you're looking for a full-service independent living retirement community, we welcome you to come to explore Jacaranda Trace. We offer something for everyone with activities to find a hobby or hobbies for an active and enriched lifestyle.

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