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Chain vs Local Independent Living Facilities; Which is Right for Me?

Posted by Frank Herold on March 29, 2021

There comes a time in our lives when living on our own becomes a burden upon ourselves and our loved ones. When that happens, and we are ready to make the commitment, it is time to consider finding the right independent living facility that meets our needs. Sometimes, this can feel like just as much of a burden. 

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With so many options out there, how do you find the perfect fit for yourself? One thing to take into consideration is whether the facility you are considering is locally owned and operated or part of a larger chain.

What's the Difference Between Local Communities and the Nationwide Chains?

Just like with restaurants or stores, independent living facilities can either be a subsidiary of a larger chain such as Brookdale Senior Living Solutions, Holiday Retirement, or Life Care Services, or a locally owned and run mom-and-pop type location. Meaning, Brookdale Senior Living Solutions is the Red Lobster of independent living facilities and your locally owned one is that small seafood restaurant on the pier whose grandparents founded the restaurant two generations ago and the current cook went to high school with your granddaughter.

For some people, Red Lobster is just fine, but if you want a more personalized touch, here are some advantages to your locally owned independent facility you just won't get with the big guys.

Personalized Community Care

To a big cooperation, you and your loved ones are just a number on a spreadsheet, to Jacaranda Trace, you're a member of our family. The people who work at and founded the facility live and work in your community. They know your family and friends, and to them, you aren't a ledger line, you're a human being with a name and face and so are we.

Unlike many of the larger facilities, with locally owned Jacaranda Trace, you will find the owners on site more often, if not daily, and able to work with you personally. You don't have to call an 800 number and be put on hold by someone in a call center, you can walk into an office, sit down, and have a talk about your concerns, reservations, or requests.

We work with your family and your doctors to make sure you receive the support and care you need and deserve, not only today but evolving with you over the months and years, unlike some of the larger chains which sometimes find themselves in court over their negligent care.

Higher Quality Food Specialized for Your Needs

One of life's great joys is in the foods we eat, and there's no reason you should give that up when you enter a residential facility. Locally owned facilities know this and respect that you want to keep enjoying your life as you enter into this new phase.

In a locally owned facility, you won't stand in line for lukewarm buffet food like a breakfast offering in a motel, you'll enjoy a sit-down meal in a comfortable and spacious dining room. No mass bought powdered eggs, our dietitians and cooks will make sure your dietary needs are met and that everything tastes great. Just because your doctor told you to cut back on sodium or fat, doesn't mean you can't still enjoy your favorite meal with a few substitutions. Remember, the key to a long and happy life is often the food we put into our bodies.

A Better Living Space Personalized Just for You

Many chain-owned independent living facilities are huge with hundreds of residents and apartments to choose from. So much so, that they can start to feel like a college dorm room. A locally owned facility puts the focus on the person and not the numbers.

The home you're leaving behind had a personal style and flair to it you spent a lifetime perfecting, and that's something you shouldn't give up. Locally owned facilities often have unique apartments available for customization. Make your new space your own once again.

A Better and Faster Response to COVID-19

The challenges of Covid-19 were real and put an added strain on everyone, especially the elderly and independent living facilities. When disaster struck, many larger scale operations struggled to meet the needs of their residents. With so many facilities under their banner, it was difficult to focus on any one home or change for too long.

A locally owned facility, like Jacaranda Trace, didn't face the same problems. For them, there was only one facility to worry about and only one family to look to. While larger facilities were shutting down and sealing patients inside their rooms to protect them, Jacaranda Trace was able to adapt faster and follow changing guidelines with greater ease, allowing their pool to stay open and social activities to go on adapting to the new world.

Make the Right Choice for You

In the end, you are the only one who can make this choice. It's a big one, and deserves all the time and consideration you need. When you decide what's right for you, we here at Jacaranda Trace will be waiting, socially distanced and prepared to help you find the perfect fit for your future.

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