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The Lesser-Known Benefits of Assisted Living

Posted by Frank Herold on April 25, 2022


lesser-known benefits of assisted living

Assisted living can provide our loved ones with a comfortable life when they are in need of it. Assisted living centers help their residents reach a higher quality of life by providing personal care services, medication management, social services, housekeeping and maintenance, and around the clock supervision all from a compassionate and caring team of staff members.

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Popular benefits of assisted living include professional help with daily tasks, safety and security, healthier dietary plans, and opportunities for socialization. But there are more benefits of this care option that you probably didn't know.

Let's look at four lesser-known benefits of assisted living.

1. Encourages Mental Stimulation

One benefit of assisted living that you probably didn't know is the mental stimulation that comes with staying in assisted living facilities. Intellectual stimulation is important for seniors as it helps reduce the risk of long-term cognitive decline. To keep their residents sharp, assisted living facilities offer opportunities for life-long learning such as language lessons and woodworking. Not only does this give your loved ones something fun to do, but it challenges them mentally which can be beneficial in the long run.

Assisted living communities frequently invite professionals from different fields to teach about popular topics and trades, such as art history or flower arranging. Staff members also support the residents with their technical skills by encouraging the use of personal tablets and offering full-access computer rooms.

2. Supports Independence 

Compassionate staff members offer help to seniors. But that does not mean that the seniors have to give up their independence. Assisted living facilities understand how important it is to allow people to make their own decisions and live life on their terms, especially as they age. 

Therefore, assisted living eases life for senior citizens by taking care of chores such as meal preparation, housekeeping, and coordination of medical needs while allowing them to maintain their independence. In fact, the caring staff in assisted living communities receive training on assisting your elderly loved ones while giving them room to be independent.

Many assisted living centers, like Jacaranda Trace, also give their residents their own rooms, so they don't have to worry about getting matched up with a roommate if they prefer to be alone.

3. Offers an Ideal Environment

When developing an assisted living community, everything from the setup and aesthetic to the organized programs and facilities is designed with seniors in mind. All of the residents are in the same phase of life, so specific elements were put in place to ensure the best quality of life for them. For example, at Jacaranda Trace the residents enjoy soothing environments and a peaceful and quiet neighborhood.

Seniors can easily access special events, adult education, fitness classes, and entertainment. For the residents who want to explore and try out new things in a safe and relaxing environment, there is no limit to the amount of activities they can participate in.

Assisted living also offers a private yet community-like lifestyle. Senior citizens can enjoy their privacy while being part of an active senior living community. Having like-minded older friends to enjoy social life can have a tremendous impact on mental and emotional well-being. 

4. Provides Personalized Care

When you hear of an assisted living facility, perhaps what crosses your mind is a community of senior citizens all receiving similar care because they share something in common. However, assisted living recognizes that everyone is different. The caring staff can adjust care services depending on the residents’ needs. 

When and if a resident has a change in their medical or physical requirements, the staff members will adjust their care plan accordingly. At Jacaranda Trace, our staff receive the necessary training they need to properly assist the residents with all activities, like bathing, dressing and managing their medications.

At Jacaranda Trace, we offer a supportive environment where elderly loved ones will feel part of an active and engaged community. Contact us today and learn how we can help you live your best life in our luxurious gated community.

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