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Exceptional Senior Living Integrates an Enriched Memory Care Lifestyle

Posted by Frank Herold on September 18, 2019


At Jacaranda Trace, we offer our Residents the home they will never have to leave. We have created and designed a 33-acre community that offers seniors a variety of lifestyles to enjoy no matter their abilities. From independent living to rehabilitation or assisted living, Jacaranda Trace integrates the care and compassion for each and every senior. 

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Searching for an Enriched Memory Care Lifestyle

We all age differently, and we all experience those "senior moments," when we forget something here and there. One thing is for certain as found on, "as we age, we lose brain cells." It's those "significant changes in our memory" that can mean we are experiencing more than just a senior moment. There are signs where you or your loved one may need more assistance with day to day living, as listed in this article. 

There are exceptional communities, where seniors can retire and receive the care and compassion they deserve with assisted living, if and when it becomes necessary. Individuals may require daily assistance "for their own safety - and the safety of others - a person with progressive dementia will eventually need 24-hour supervision" for "personal care, medication management, and other Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)."


Cadbury Park at Jacaranda Trace: Assisted Living and Memory Care

At Jacaranda Trace, we have thoroughly designed a community where seniors will have a special place for every stage of aging. When the time comes, and our Residents need long term care, we offer exceptional living where they receive the care they need based upon their unique needs. Cadbury Park is where our Residents get the care and compassion they need when they need it most. 

Our specially-designed neighborhood includes an open and connected lifestyle within a safe and secure environment. Most of all, our Cadbury Park Residents flourish with the freedom to do as much as their capabilities allow, and they are never far from their home. They have close and convenient amenities along with special care services, exclusively for their individual needs. 


Compassionate, Individual Care

At Cadbury Park, it's all about the individual's needs, and our goal is to give the highest quality care to our Residents with all the comforts of home. Each Cadbury Park Resident has their personal Guides, who takes care of them as you would do in your own home.  Whether it's getting ready in the morning, coordinating daily activities, preparing meals, or bathing, Cadbury Park Guides will become an extension of your family.

We want our Residents experiencing memory loss to feel connected, and we specially-designed a family lifestyle where everyone comes together in a up-to-date kitchen and living room with their own private quarters and baths. Residents have safe and secured areas to enjoy the freedom and stimulation of the outdoors with paved walkways, covered verandas, and a gated courtyard. 


Compassionate, Skilled-Nursing Care

Every Cadbury Park Resident has a care plan that is continually monitored by qualified and specialized health care professionals. Whatever a Resident's health needs may be, our on-site medical staff offers our residents 24-hour monitoring and treatment.


Compassionate, Unique Care

Not only do our Cadbury Park Residents receive exceptional medical care, but they also have opportunities to benefit from life enriching therapies such as Aromatherapy or Music Therapy. Part of our mission is to enhance our Residents lives with harmonious and relaxing methods of treatment.


Jacaranda Trace: Where Each Day is Enriched with Compassionate Care

Our Residents have the freedom to decide what they would like to do each and every day. We offer a variety of events and activities so that our Residents have daily activities, events, and stimulation when they want it. 

Come explore the enriched, senior lifestyles available at Jacaranda Trace. You will have everything you need as you age, and you will discover it is the smart choice in senior living.

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