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8 Proven Benefits of Music Therapy for Seniors

Posted by Frank Herold on January 11, 2021

Recent studies into the benefits of music therapy for seniors indicates that consistent use can make a huge difference in aiding mental health and memory. Here are the ways in which music and music therapy activities are helping seniors live healthier, happier lives:

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1. Reducing Stress And Agitation

Due to their inability to communicate, seniors with Alzheimer's can quickly get agitated or frustrated. In such instances, employing music therapy to promote feelings of calmness helps reduce the stress brought on by these frustrating sequences. 

Use of music therapy in this situation slows high heart rates and reduces cortisol (the stress hormone).

2. Aiding Healing And Recovery

Music therapy can help seniors who have undergone diagnostic procedures, cardiac procedures, or surgeries in their healing process. 

Increasing happiness, reducing stress, and improving mental health can help while seniors recover from acute or chronic pain conditions, thus improving their overall wellness and decreasing the need for pain medication.

3.  Improving Self-Expression And Communication

By participating in music therapy, seniors can make more straightforward decisions, speak quicker and more clearly, and even have greater accuracy when answering questions. 

This is because music opens up avenues of communication in the brain and encourages the development of neurological pathways that improve seniors' language abilities.

4. Reducing Depression

Therapeutic music is known for the stimulation of positive interactions and helps keep depression at bay. 

To uplift your mood, calm down when you're feeling overwhelmed, and sidestep depressive illnesses, seniors need to pick and listen to the songs they enjoy. 

Music therapy helps seniors improve marital relationships and relationships with caregivers.

5. Traveling Back in Time

For seniors struggling with cognitive decline, listening to popular music from your past will help you exercise your mind and bring back fond memories helping to relive good memories. For example, singing along to music that was popular when you were young.

6. Enhancing Memory

Music is a very beneficial form of therapy that helps preserve essential memories and provides mental stimulation to seniors. Music allows seniors to recall things like where they first heard a particular song, old song lyrics, and the rhythms of the songs. By increasing the brain chemicals that trigger memories, music therapy activities can help seniors remember things.

7. Encouraging Exercise

Music therapy can be a motivator for seniors doing different types of exercise. Whether one is working out with weights, taking a walk, or just stretching a little, music plays a crucial role in encouraging seniors to perform more physical activity. 

Seniors of different fitness levels and ages will enjoy improved flexibility and heart health, enhanced muscle strength and even restorations of functions lost due to past injuries.

8. Managing Parkinson's And Alzheimer's

Music provides an uplifting form of therapy that helps improve symptoms in seniors with Parkinson's or Alzheimer's. Music therapy brings several positive effects that enhance older adults' quality of life, helping them manage the deterioration of symptoms.

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