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8 Fun Ways to Connect with Your Grandkids

Posted by Frank Herold on November 22, 2021


Making meaningful connections with your grandkids may seem difficult when your competition comes in the form of computers and smartphones, but grandparents still take the cake when it comes to having fun. The following list contains 8 ideas about how to connect with your grandkids and make memories that will last their lifetime.

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1. Play a Card Game 

Whether it is Pinochle or Go Fish, your grandkids probably haven't played it. Show your grandkids how to shuffle, and teach them a game or two. Not only will they have fun, but you'll remain in their memories as the awe-inspiring grandparent who taught them to be a "card shark." This is especially useful as your grandkids get older. 

2. Color

If you don't know it already, they make coloring books that are designed for older kids and adults. If you have young grandkids, get a coloring book for you and for them so you can color your own pictures, and then share them when you are finished. Coloring is a great way to do something that spurs conversation, and you can enhance the bond you have with your grandchild. 

3. Bake Cookies 


Food is the way to the heart, and cookies rarely displease the ever-growing, always-hungry grandchild. Break out an old family recipe and share some baking secrets. Your grandchildren will have happy memories enhanced by the sweetness of the desert and the love that you show them. You can't go wrong when there are treats involved!

4. Make Greeting Cards

If you are the crafty sort, you might be itching to make something with your grandchildren. Greeting cards are a great way to persuade kids to get into crafting. Help them make a card for an upcoming holiday, birthday, special event, or just because. This is a great way to help them express their inner artist and make something special for them to share with others.

5. Tell a Story

Not only do you surely have many interesting life tales to tell, but you hold the key to their genealogy. Tell some stories about their great-great-grandfather, or tell some special stories about raising their mom or dad. These are priceless tales, many of which will never be told if you don't do it. 


6. Go Out

If you are able and have the means, take your grandkids somewhere. It could be a local zoo, museum, or sports arena. It could be much simpler, like going to the park. The point is you would both share an experience together that is outside of the norm and therefore memorable. You're sure to make connections if you provide an experience. 

7. Play Virtual Games

Sometimes there isn't time or resources to plan a meaningful experience with your grandchildren, and when that happens, you can be thankful for technology. There are traditional games online, such as Scrabble, but there are also other fun word games and virtual escape rooms you can play in cooperative mode. The best part is that the game doesn't have to end when the grandkids go home.

8. Build Something

If you have a very young grandchild, you can build a house out of blocks. If you have an older child, you might be interested in Legos or robotics. Even putting together a puzzle could be considered building something. It keeps the hands busy, and you can build connections by working on something together while you converse.

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