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7 Skills and Hobbies for Seniors to Learn Online

Posted by Frank Herold on August 31, 2020


Thanks to advances in technology and the internet, information and the ability to learn new skills and hobbies has become extremely accessible. Whether it’s full online classes or a collection of YouTube videos, no matter what it is, there’s a way to learn more about it.


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Skills and Hobbies You Can Learn Online

Here are 7 of the coolest and most-helpful skills and hobbies you can start learning more about today, right from the comfort of your home!

Computers and Technology

Use your computer to learn more about your computer! There are tons of easy-to-use guides online for learning more about technology itself.

Skillful Senior is a site that breaks down the most basic navigational skills using pictures, descriptions, and voiceover. Once you learn the basics, you may want to check out GCF Learn Free, which is a website that provides free technology courses. It walks you through how to utilize e-mail, internet, computers, different systems, Microsoft Office products, and online safety.

Learn A New Language

It's never too late to learn a new language, especially during retirement, and learning one is one of the greatest brain exercises you can do. 

There are so many language courses online that you really just have to find which one you prefer. Some of the top-rated sites include Babbel, LingQ, and DuoLingo (which is free!). 

Utilizing various features, such as apps, games, videos, vocabulary, quizzes, one-on-one conversations, and group conversations, any one of these apps make learning a new language fun!

Learn How to Do Yoga

Yoga is a holistic, low-impact fitness regiment that combines physical poses with breathing techniques and meditation. It is highly recommended for seniors as it promotes strength, flexibility, and endurance and has also been shown to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, increase recovery from strokes and surgeries, prevent falls, manage digestive issues, arthritis, diabetes, and many more health benefits.

DoYogaWithMe is a free online yoga course that offers classes of various difficulties, lengths, styles, and focuses, and is free for the basic membership!

Cooking and Baking

Cooking and baking are two hobbies that are easy to get into and leaves you with something delicious after! 

To add a little spice and flavor to your kitchen, check out some of the many online cooking courses that are offered online. 

TheKitchn offers an online cooking school that is divided up into 20 days and 20 lessons. Their website also offers tons of recipes, most with an included how-to video. BBC Food Techniques also offer amazing how-to videos divided by category.


Writing is something that never goes out of style and comes in so many forms like writing creative works such as short stories and poems, to keeping a daily journal to remember the events of a day. The best part is that all it takes is a piece of paper or computer and you can start right now.

Learn the Basic of Photography 

Anyone can take a picture, but it takes skill, practice, and knowledge to take a great photo. 

Once again, Alison, an Irish-based web learning company provides photography courses for beginner, intermediate, and advanced photographers. It can then guide you into the realm of photography integrated into technology for superb results, Photoshop.

You can showcase your photos on sites like Instagram, Tumblr, and even Facebook to show people how much you’ve learned!



For more information on online courses to keep you expanding your world while in the comforts of your luxury retirement community, contact us at Jacaranda Trace.

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