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6 Surprising Benefits of Saltwater

Posted by Frank Herold on May 16, 2022

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Florida has become one of the most popular places to retire. There are many reasons it has become so popular, but the sunshine and beaches are some of the top choices. Living in cities like Venice, you’ll be right by the Gulf of Mexico which believe it or not, can be a great place to swim. Let’s take a look at six surprising benefits of swimming in saltwater.

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Benefits of Swimming in Saltwater

1. Better Skin Health

Saltwater acts as an incredible exfoliating agent. If you have sensitive skin, saltwater is a non-irritating exfoliating agent. Saltwater's effective and gentle exfoliating properties help alleviate several skin conditions, including acne, psoriatic skin, and eczema. Saltwater also contains wide-ranging minerals like magnesium which lower your body's cortisol levels. This helps calm your nerves and minimizes the risk of skin breakouts. 

2. Improved Immune System 

Swimming in seawater exposes seniors to naturally occurring germs. Regular swims in saltwater help regulate the body's antioxidant properties, minimizing the likelihood of developing cancer and cardiovascular disease. Certain trace elements found in saltwater possess antibacterial properties, and when the trace elements penetrate the skin, they help boost your body's health and wellbeing. 

3. Improved Mental Health and Wellbeing 

One of the most outstanding swimming benefits for seniors is hydrotherapy. Although hydrotherapy is typically done in the pool, you can also do certain exercises in the Gulf. Hydrotherapy helps relieve arthritis and persistent joint pains and allows your body to produce additional beta-endorphins: feel-good hormones that alleviate anxiety.

4. Saltwater Has Wound Healing Properties

As you get older, your wounds may take longer to heal because of delayed and diminished proliferative and inflammatory responses. The mineral salts in seawater act as natural antiseptics and cicatrizes on the skin. Sodium helps expedite scar tissue formation following an injury and also relieves injury-related muscle aches. 

5. Improved Breathing

Seniors can relieve respiratory problems like phlegm, asthma, and coughing by breathing salty air close to the beach and immersing themselves in seawater. Saltwater can help eliminate toxins that cause respiratory issues. Swimming regularly in saltwater can have an even more significant effect on your respiratory health. 

6. Improved Sleep

Seniors need better sleep patterns for their physical health and wellbeing. Swimming in saltwater helps seniors keep their blood pressure at bay. This allows them to fall into a deep sleep after every swim. The magnesium found in seawater also helps calm the nerves. Combine these factors with salty air and sufficient sunshine, and you are likely to have a wholesome sleeping experience by the beach. 

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