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6 Routine Tasks that Senior Living Communities Can Take Care of For You

Posted by Frank Herold on November 22, 2017

senior living communityWhy do people move to senior communities? Is it downsizing, better weather, active communities, to be closer to family and friends? One reason why moving to a community is very beneficial for seniors is that it allows them to let go of the painstaking tasks that hold them back from living a life they worked so hard to have. 

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Here are six routine chores a senior living community handles for you:

1. Transportation

Senior living communities provide options besides driving your own vehicle. Clean, comfortable, air-conditioned buses run throughout the community, offering regularly scheduled trips to the community center, clubhouse, pool, golf course, local shopping centers and major medical centers. Those with special medical needs find the helpful drivers and accessible vehicles a welcome way to get around town. No need to ask for directions to the nearest coffee shop or wonder how to get your grocery bags home after a weekly food shopping. Service is door-to-door and operates daily.

2. Lawn Care/Maintenance

Forget raking and bagging fallen leaves, trimming branches, watering the lawn and fertilizing the shrubs. The community's trained maintenance staff takes care of your home's exterior appearance, providing an outside that looks as beautiful as the inside. Communities also assist with hurricane/storm shutter installation and removal and debris removal. The staff cleans, paints and replaces building roofs, windows, and exteriors throughout the year.

3. Exercise Facility Maintenance

From pool towels and "noodles" for water aerobics, to raking the sand traps on the golf course, or keeping sidewalks clear for walking and chairs setup for adaptive cardio workouts, the retirement community staff coordinates the calendar and keeps activity rooms ready to accommodate your workouts. Whether you're a daily exercise enthusiast or looking for a fun new workout, the varied programs and trained staff offer many opportunities to stay fit. Nurses and emergency medical technicians are a vital part of community staff; on call 24/7 and summoned with a phone call or touch of a personal push alert device.

4. Arts and culture

Shows, lectures, and educational classes come in regularly; without the need to drive long distances, travel in poor weather, buy tickets, or worry about seating. The indoor clubhouse boasts perfect weather year-round, accessible rest rooms, snack bars, and is centrally located for residents. Programs range from religious services marking major holidays, to lectures by university professors, art displays, musical presentations, and dance company performances. Active residents interested in travel meet potential travel companions in the community setting, get acquainted and plan everything from one-day road trips to foreign adventures.

5. Hobbies, exercise and fitness

If you want to pursue your longtime love of photography or start stamp collecting, the senior living community is the place for your passions. With available clubhouse space, like-minded neighbors, and activity staff providing guidance, your part-time pastimes become full-time interests, no longer squeezed in between other chores. Programs range from cardio, Silver Sneakers, tai chi, yoga, competitive table games (chess, bridge, ping-pong, cards) to flower arranging, scrapbooking and painting, and are open to participants of all experience levels. Retirement communities form partnerships with existing gyms and clubs, enabling residents to use those facilities.

6. Dining options

"Eating out" has a new meaning at a senior living community. Spacious dining rooms with uniformed staff and experienced chefs bring fine cuisine, white tablecloth service and new ethnic tastes to residents. Diners have meal plan options: they order and pay for meals a la carte, or buy seven, 14 or 21-day plans, which offer a discount. Bar service and alcoholic beverages are available, and informal dining choices exist, from poolside patio grill rooms to breakfast and lunch "diner-style" eateries. Communities offer "happy hour" socials with drinks and snacks to introduce neighbors to neighbors. A staff nutritionist/dietician insures residents' special dietary needs are easily managed by the kitchen staff.

After a lifetime of working hard and building your life, you deserve this time to celebrate the life you have earned. At a luxury retirement community like Jacaranda Trace, you can leave the routine tasks to the service professionals that want to make your life easier. Spend time simply doing what you love in a community that you love.

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