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6 Online Games to Play with Friends and Family

Posted by Frank Herold on October 26, 2020


We may not be able to gather with loved ones as easily as we used to, but that doesn't mean we can't still connect for some friendly competition. Check out these six online games that you can play with your friends and family members anytime, anywhere! 

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Games and Apps to Play With Friends and Family

There is  almost an unlimited number of games one can play on their smartphone or tablet, and they're even better with friends or family. Many games and apps are free in both the Android and Apple app stores, so everyone can play without reaching for their credit card. Some of our favorites include:

Words with Friends 

Words with Friends was one of the most popular apps when smartphones gained popularity a decade ago and It's still loved by many. You can stick with the classic Words With Friends app, or you can try the newly released Words With Friends 2. Words With Friends 2 offers more ways to play, like Solo Challenges, allowing you to brush up on your skills between rounds with others. 


Another fan favorite, Uno is even better on the app. It takes care of the burden of shuffling between rounds, so you and your competitors are free to relax and enjoy the game! The best part about this app is that it offers text and talk options, so you can air your grievances when one of your opponents directs "skip" or "draw 4" card at you. 

Yahtzee with Buddies 

Everyone loves a good game of Yahtzee, and you can continue the friendly competition online with the app Yahtzee with Buddies! You can connect this app to your Facebook account and challenge your Facebook friends to a game, or you can enter a friend's username to connect with them directly. You do get a limited number of rolls for free, but you can pay for additional rolls to keep the game going. 

Games to Play Over Video Chat

If you'd rather play games that allow you to see one another, you can use the online video chatting platforms Zoom or Skype. They're both free to download, and they allow you to have video chats 1-on-1 or in a group! You can use this platform to play all kinds of games, and here are a few we recommend:


Bingo is one of those classic games that everyone can play, regardless of skill level or knowledge. You can set up a bingo session with your online video chat platform, and use websites or apps like Let's Play Bingo! to serve as your caller. You can also find online bingo card generators that can randomly generate bingo cards for everyone in your group. If you'd like to up the ante, you can choose prizes for winners delivered by mail, or you can just play for bragging rights. 


Test your knowledge with a fun game of trivia over Skype or Zoom! Designate one member of the group to be the host that asks the questions and keeps track of points, or use the screen-sharing feature to display questions on everyone's screen. You can also play head-to-head matches, or mix it up however else you'd like! If you need some fun trivia questions, head over to Laff Gaff for hundreds of free questions divided into many different categories. 


Show off your artwork skills in a friendly game of pictionary. Everyone will need some paper and writing utensils, or whiteboards and erasable markers to get this game started. You can use a free online random word generator for contestants to draw, like Pictionary Generator. This website also allows you to choose a difficulty level ranging from easy to very hard, so you can pick whatever is most appropriate for your party. 

At Jacaranda Trace, we strive to provide our residents the highest level of care we can and that includes chances to connect with family and friends. Contact us today to learn more about our community or schedule a private tour to see for yourself.

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