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6 Fall Prevention Tips

Posted by Frank Herold on October 11, 2021

Falls affect our elderly loved ones and puts them at risk of fatal and non-fatal injuries. Although falls may seem like innocent mistakes as you perform your daily activities, they can indicate health changes and declining function.

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They often result in head injuries, broken bones, and fractures. However, physical injuries are not the only threat to worry about regarding falls. They also lead to anxiety among seniors. Luckily, several fall protection measures for seniors exist which you can implement and avoid the physical and psychological repercussions.

1. Talk to Your Doctor

As a person gets older, health conditions and physical changes, and medications used to treat those conditions can make falls more frequent. Therefore, start your fall prevention plan by visiting your health provider. 

The doctor may wish to know the medications you are currently taking and wean off those causing the falls. Therefore, create the list including supplements or carry them to the appointment. Some medications, such as sedatives, leave you tired or affect how you think.

The doctor might also want to know whether you had fallen before. Put down the information, including the time, location, and how it happened. Such information helps the doctor establish the appropriate fall protection strategies for seniors.

2. Stay Active

Regular exercise helps a lot in fall prevention. Your doctor can recommend gentle activities such as water workouts and walking or balance exercises to improve your balance, coordination, and flexibility, thus reducing the risk of falls. 

seniorsactive8615-2In case of concerns that the exercises can increase falling, talk to your doctor so he or she can monitor your program or send you to a physical therapist. A physiotherapist can develop a custom exercise program with the intention to improve your balance, muscle strength, and flexibility.

3. Wear Appropriate Non-Slip Footwear

Heeled, backless, and loose-fitting shoes can increase the risk of stumbling, slipping, or falling. The National Institute on Aging recommends wearing non-skid, rubber-soled, and low-heeled footwear. The shoes reduce joint pain and also offer greater traction and friction, and prevents falls and slips. But ensure you avoid walking on slippery floors, especially the recently cleaned ones.

4. Remove Hazards Around Your Home

Your living space may have several hazards. Remove the unnecessary and wrongly placed items to create clear pathways. Easy home modifications include moving coffee tables, plant stands, and magazine racks from high traffic areas, removing newspapers, phone cords, and boxes from walkways, and repairing loose carpeting and wooden floorboards. Additionally, clean any spilled food, liquids, or grease immediately. Use non-slip mats in the bathroom since the surfaces are often slippery.

5. Ensure Bright Lighting in Your Home

Poor lighting puts you at risk of tripping on items that are difficult to see. Ensure bright lighting in several areas of your home. You can place night lights in the hallways and bathrooms, place a lamp near your reach in the bedroom, and store flashlights in easily accessible spots in case of power outages. Finally, ensure you turn on the lights before walking down or upstairs.

6. Consider Assistive Devices

Another fall prevention tip for seniors is to use assistive devices. They make you feel independent and perform your daily activities with ease.  Your doctor may recommend that you use a cane or walker. But you can also consider having other assistive devices such as grab bars in the shower, handrails along the stairways, a raised toilet seat, or a hand-held shower nozzle to bathe while sitting. The installation costs should not be a major concern considering that you are investing in your independence.


The risk of falls is more among seniors, but that does not mean you can't prevent them. With the above fall prevention tips, you can rest assured that falls won't rob your ability to enjoy daily activities. 

At Jacaranda Trace, we know the importance of fall protection for seniors. That is why we commit to implement fall prevention measures within our luxury retirement homes. Contact us to learn more about our community.

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