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5 Questions to Ask When Searching for a Senior Living Community in Venice, Florida

Posted by Frank Herold on January 4, 2018

Senior Living Community in Venice, FloridaAs our loved ones age, caring for them can become increasingly challenging. We want them to be in a safe, loving environment, yet, with the demands of life, it may feel nearly impossible for you to meet all of your loved one's needs. Maybe you've thought about a senior living community for your loved ones but aren't sure what to look for in terms of quality. You want your loved ones to have a degree of independence wherever they live, while at the same time receiving the care that they need. 

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Here are 5 questions to ask when determining whether a senior living community in Venice, Florida is right for your loved one:

1. Will My Loved One Have the Space They Need?

When searching for senior living communities, you want to make sure your loved one has a home that is spacious enough for their comfort. Will they have extra room if they decide to entertain guests? You want to make sure the place you secure for your loved one meets the space needs they want.

2. Will My Loved One Have Social Opportunities?

Social activities are important for all people but especially for our senior community. One study conducted by an epidemiologist from Drexel University School of Public Health, found that seniors with a strong social component in their lives were more physically mobile too. When searching for that perfect senior living community, it's important that there are plenty of opportunities for your loved one to interact with others. A place that promotes social gatherings and schedules regular activities for its community, will be an uplifting place for your loved one.

3. Will My Loved One be Surrounded by Natural Beauty?

There is something refreshing and relaxing about the beauties of nature. Being outdoors is like a tonic for the mind, body, and heart. The benefits of the sun and fresh air cannot be underestimated. That's why it's so important to find a community that is situated on plenty of outdoor space. Furthermore, your loved one will blossom when there is plenty of natural lands for them to explore and enjoy. Having a scenic place to walk will encourage them to partake in more healthy exercises.

4. What Type of Amenities Will My Loved One Have Access To?

Many places offer basic amenities such as free landscaping services and a community clubhouse, but other places offer much more in the way of amenities. Some upgraded touches you can expect with high-quality senior living communities include:

  • Huge clubhouse used for hosting social activities.
  • Restaurants on the premises.
  • Exercise rooms with state-of-the art equipment and personal trainer.
  • Indoor pool for year-round use.
  • Hot home-cooked meals available as often as desired.
  • Library on site.
  • Educational workshops.
  • Copy and print services.
  • Banking services.
  • Physician's office.
  • Art center.

5. Will My Loved One and Their Things be Secure?

Having security is a high priority for most people. Whether they are just starting out in life or entering the senior years, it brings a peace of mind to know that a security system is in place to protect you from harm. When searching for a senior living community, look for gated communities with 24/7 security to ensure your loved feels at ease. Your loved one will be able to enjoy walking around the community knowing that everyone has passed through security before entering. Many luxury communities offer enhanced security measures.

As you prepare to help your loved one transition to a new senior living community in Venice, Florida, consider Jacaranda Trace. We provide an elegant retirement community with luxurious amenities. Connect with us today to discover more about senior living in Venice, Florida. 

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