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5 Apps That You Can Download to Exercise Your Brain

Posted by Frank Herold on May 20, 2020

Apps to Exercise Your BrainThanks to amazing innovations in technology, app developers have begun to find creative ways that can help you exercise your brain through the use of puzzles, games, and brain-teasers.  Although scientific studies are still working on confirming exact proof regarding how effective these apps are, there's never any harm in trying new ways to train your brain.

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5 Apps to Exercise Your Brain

These 5 apps are designed to test and exercise your brain through the use of games, puzzles, and more!

1. Elevate

Elevate, which is governed by the tagline "Your personal brain trainer," is an all-around cognitive tool that's designed to help with your communication and analytical understanding. Once you download this app, you'll be provided with a personalized game-based brain-training plan that adjusts over time as your performance changes.

2. Peak

 Through the use of problem-solving puzzles and fun games, Peak tests your memory, zeros in on your ability to focus, and checks out your language and communication skills. This app is designed to help you build healthy habits that exercise your brain just like regularly scheduled trips to the gym enhance your body's health. Peak also adjusts over time, taking your historical performance into account to keep you on your toes.

3.  Fit Brains Trainer

Rosetta Stone has long been known as a brand based in education and expanding the mind. The company's Fit Brains Trainer app elevates the experience of learning with more than 360 games and training sessions designed to target concentration, memory, and other mental aspects.

As you train your brain, you'll be able to track your performance as you hone your personalized training plan.

4.  Eidetic

Eidetic is an excellent app if you're a senior who wants to exercise your brain because it was specifically designed to focus on memory. Through the use of a system that employs a type of digital flashcard, you'll be given the tools to help you memorize lists, phone numbers, and things you use in everyday life. You can set the intensity of your training sessions, and the app will let you know when it's time to practice.

5.  CogniFit Brain Training

CogniFit is a particularly fun app for seniors who welcome a little socialization and competitive spirit into their lives.  Neuroscience is introduced into this gaming environment. As you exercise your brain, you can challenge your contacts to beat your performance in a duel of the minds.

Do you already have apps that you use to exercise your brain?  Let us know about your favorites at our Jacaranda Trace Facebook page!

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