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10 Reasons to Move to an Independent Living Community in Venice, Florida

Posted by Frank Herold on February 15, 2021

When you're considering moving into an independent living community, knowing all the
benefits of living in a retirement community in Venice, Florida can make the decision to move easier.

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1. Maintenance-Free Living

Everything involved with maintaining a home and yard can becomes more challenging with age and the risk of injury increases every time you climb a ladder, mow the lawn or perform other household tasks. When you reside at a senior living community, you don't have to worry about such tasks.

2. There's Always Something to Do

Residing at an independent living community means that you're never bored as the facilities offer various activities, programs and outings.

3. Resources to Help Reduce Stress (For You and Your Family)

When all of your needs are met at an independent living community, this removes the burden of responsibility from you and your children so you can focus on quality family relationships.

4. Improved Dining Experience

For seniors living alone, it's easy to fall into the habit of not eating well or right, but with the daily meals offered at a senior living community, you always have enjoyable, healthy food available.

5. No Need to Drive Often

While you can keep your car at a retirement community and drive when you want to, the facility provides on-site transportation to many essential locations such as grocery stores, doctors, hospitals, and more.

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6. Returning to Your Former Self

When you live alone, it's not always easy to get out and see friends or participate in activities you once enjoyed. At a senior living community, you always have access to interesting activities and social circles, which can make you feel like your former, younger self.

7. New Friends

Escaping the isolated life of being home alone happens almost instantly when you move into an independent living community. It's easy to make friends during group activities and there's always time to enjoy quiet, personal time in your residence.

8. Safety

Along with a staff that cares about your personal safety, an independent living community provides security against thieves, solicitors and other annoyances you can face living home alone.

9. Convenient Health Care

At a senior living community, much of the staff has some health care experience, which helps them provide adequate assistance for things like checking blood pressure and medications.

10. Everything You Need to Relax

With the beautiful grounds, pool, spa, dining areas, library, auditorium, arts and craft studios and privacy at Jacaranda Trace’s independent living community, you can just relax and enjoy a stress-free retirement in your own personal oasis.


Discover more benefits of a senior living community by contacting Jacaranda Trace and scheduling a tour today.

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