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10 Questions You Should Ask Before Moving to a Senior Living Community

Posted by Frank Herold on October 24, 2019

Senior Living CommunityWhen considering a senior living community, prospective residents and their families should visit in person and tour the grounds. They should also make time to talk to residents and staff. The individual who will be living in the community should be included in the selection process. They are more likely to be satisfied with the decision if their wishes are respected. Below are questions that should be asked when looking at places to retire:Related Blog: How to Make the Most Out of Your Visit to a Senior Living Community                                                            

What is the staff-to-resident ratio?

This indicates how much time and attention they will be able to provide to individual residents.

Will future needs be met?

The level of care that an individual needs may change over time. This is especially true with sufferers of dementia. Look into whether the community provides different levels of care.

What is the demeanor of the staff?

Staff should be warm, courteous and friendly. Staff demeanor is often an indicator of the quality of life in a senior living community.

What exactly is and is not included in the baseline fee?

This is a very important factor when choosing a senior living community or assisted living facility. Prospective residents should be sure to find out about additional charges for services.

Is transportation to medical and dental appointments provided?

If this is not provided by the living community, the resident or their family may be handling transportation themselves. Alternatively, they may have to pay someone for transportation to appointments.

How big is the community?

There is no recommended size for an independent living community. Some are smaller and quieter while others are larger with more opportunities to socialize. The person who will be living there should choose based on personal preference.

Are there activities for residents?

In most cases, a nursing home or senior living community will provide activities for residents. Prospective residents should find out about the daily schedule and about unscheduled activities.

How easy is it to access amenities and services?

Will it be necessary to have transportation to get to amenities and services? The importance of nearby amenities and services depends largely on the resident’s mobility limitations.

Have the meal plans been evaluated by a dietitian?

Meals should be well-balanced, attractive and taste good. The facility should also be able to make accommodations for special dietary needs including low sodium and gluten free.

Are the units accessible?

Housing units should be adaptable for potential future needs. It should be possible to add features like ramps, if necessary.

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